Spring Fling links & mug shots

The Spring Fling Wrap-Up post is up. We give you links to every post-Fling post that we could find. As more are being written every day—after all, 37 garden bloggers can write a lot of posts, each with a different perspective—be sure to check back regularly at the end of the list for new links.

Meantime, here are the “mug shots” I took of each winner at the farewell dinner last Saturday. Yeah, OK, that means everyone who came to the dinner. You can see we were having a good time, tired as we were, and what great Fling Bling we were able to give away, thanks to our sponsors.



Robin hiding behind Diana









Mary Ann and Diana













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  1. Pam, I’m so glad to have the face shots of everyone. I went back to my room each night and read the list and tried to cement the face in my mind with the name. But it’s getting harder and harder to hold all this stuff in my head!

    Thanks for thinking of all these fabulous details. It was an amazing event. You and your team were awesome. Thank you!

    Robin at Bumblebee

    I thought those mug shots would come in handy. But of course not all the Spring Flingers attended the Farewell Dinner. The group photo shows every single blogger who was at the Fling.

    Thanks for the nice words about our organizational skills and the Fling. I had a wonderful time and am so glad that you and all the others took time out to join us in Austin. —Pam

  2. I love my new hat. I wore it to mow yesterday. Perfect fit. Ditto what Robin said… no detail seemed to be forgotten to make this a great event. T h a n k y o u!

    Now I’m picturing the Victorian lawn lady in your avatar photo with a big, floppy gardening hat on. —Pam

  3. What a group of attractive gardeners, and Geoff and Bill. Looks like Laura got the best prize – my Garden Walk Book. It’s good to have faces to go with the names to go with the blogs.

    Who goosed Elizabeth?

    Is that not how Elizabeth always looks at parties? ;-) She kindly brought along several Garden Walk books as hostess gifts and for our door-prize giveaway. I can’t wait to look through my copy. Is your garden in it, Jim? —Pam

  4. Anneliese says:

    I love how thrilled we all look! I was pretty excited to get the star & moon candle holder. Earlier that day I got a solar powered LED lantern at the Natural Gardener, so it looks like light was my theme for the day!

    I just loved that candle holder too. (It came from Shoal Creek Nursery, if anyone in Austin is interested.) It really did add to your theme for the day. —Pam

  5. jodi says:

    You know, Pam, we always hear about Texan hospitality (yup, even up here in the boonies of NS) but over the past few days I’ve been really reading these posts from all of you with care, and I gotta say that it sure sounds to me like it’s true about Texans–big hearts and generous souls, doors open, and friendships just waiting to happen. My hat (a gardening hat, not a 10 gallon one) is off to all of you, and I AM going to get there next year, somehow! Well done to all of you!

    Why, thanks, Jodi. Texas really is a very friendly place, and we Austinites couldn’t have been more thrilled to welcome our new friends to town. I’m glad you’re planning to come next time because I’d really love to meet you in person too! Let’s encourage those Chicago gals (and guys?) to host the Fling next year. —Pam

  6. Frances says:

    Oh Pam, another great story and another way to put faces and names together. I am thrilled with the ‘Teaming with Microbes’ book and also having fun reading everyone’s thoughts about the wonderful weekend. Future fling planners will have a hard time equaling the success of this maiden voyage.

    Aw, shucks. That’s very kind of you, Frances. But I know the next Fling, wherever it occurs, will be just as good, because what really made the event special was the face-to-face talks and jokes and laughs. And that’s guaranteed no matter where we end up. —Pam

  7. Great shot of Annie!

    She looks pleased with her CobraHead tool, doesn’t she? —Pam

  8. Kathleen says:

    What great gifts and sounds like an even greater time. I think it’s so nice that you organized a get together for garden bloggers. At least no one was ever worried what they were going to talk about!

    You’re right, we had no trouble finding things to talk about. Just the opposite, in fact. —Pam

  9. Pam,
    In the Garden Walk Book, check out page 46. That’s my house.

    Elizabeth wrote the book, I designed it and photographer Don Zinteck photographed it. We’re all on the Garden Walk Buffalo committee. Our board is blessed to have a writer, two art directors, a photographer and even a print production specialist for a large local bank. Most non-profits would kill to have such talent at the ready.

    And, in retrospect, yes, that’s how Elizabeth looks at every party. Except fuzzier. But that might be me.

    Your house and garden are gorgeous, Jim! Just what I’d expect from someone whose blog is called Art of Gardening. I’m in the middle of the book, and I already feel as if I’ve had a tour of Buffalo. It’s great. —Pam

  10. Gail says:


    Not a unflattering photo in the bunch! Nice to have an individual photo of everyone. The garden tools I ‘won’ are already covered with Tennessee clay;) Warmest wishes and hugs to all, Gail

    Good job on breaking those tools in already. I bet you’re in the garden every day now that it’s really spring in Tennessee. Happy digging! —Pam

  11. Layanee says:

    Great shots! All lucky winners!

    It was a lucky day…for some, though not for you, I’m afraid. I’m still mad at the airlines on your behalf. —Pam

  12. Karen says:

    It’s great to see pics of everyone! I bet you all had a great weekend! What fun!

    It was so fun. Hope to meet you at the next one, Karen. —Pam

  13. Brenda Kula says:

    Did those two men enjoy the company of so many energetic ladies? I bet they did! So many smiles.

    I don’t know, but we sure enjoyed having them along. There were three more men earlier in the day too. But really, guys—how come more of you didn’t come to the Fling? You were way underrepresented. —Pam

  14. Thanks for all the mug shots Pam, lovely pics of smiling, happy people, always a plus that. Now I know what Carol really looks like when she’s doing a spot of mowing. ;-)
    I’m have a bit of catching up to do on reading blog posts but the ones on Spring Fling have priority. I’ve read a few already and it is clear that a lot of fun was had by all.

    I know, I’m picturing Carol with that hat on too. YE, I’d sure like to meet you at the next Fling. Save room on your calendar for fall of 2009, you hear? —Pam

  15. Gail says:


    Me again, just stopping by to say I think you are a fabulously excellent blogger and if you don’t mind, I would like to bestow the Excellent Award upon you, stop by my blog to read the post.

    hugs, Gail

    How wonderful! Thank you, Gail. I feel honored. —Pam

  16. Cindy says:

    Just to reassure those who weren’t there: I am NOT as maniacal as I appear in my picture! It may appear as though I’m auditioning for a role in “The Austin CobraHead Murder” but actually I’m just thrilled to be the winner of a great tool :-)

    You were just a little scary with that long-handled CobraHead in your hands, Cindy, but only a little. ;-) It was clear that you were excited to win it. Have you put it to use yet? —Pam

  17. Curtis says:

    Hi Pam, I found your blog a couple weeks ago and read your posts about the fling. Looks like everyone had a great time and if you do it again next year. I would like to attend. It nice to see faces to some of the bloggers I know online.

    Hi, Curtis. The Austin folks are going to let another group have the honor of hosting next year. We hear rumors of a Fall Fling in Chicago in 2009. Doesn’t that sound like fun? —Pam

  18. OMG ! You promised to photoshop me!

    Nice post, todays the first chance I’ve had to dig through and read everyone’s Spring Fling posts and visit their blogs.

    Nice job.

    You don’t need a bit of Photoshopping, Linda. Which is good because I don’t have Photoshop. ;-) Isn’t it fun to read through all the different perspectives on Spring Fling? There are a lot though—it’ll keep you busy for a while! —Pam

  19. kerri says:

    More fun photos Pam, and looks like lots of lovely gifts from very generous people.