Esperanza and a new camera

Esperanza (Tecoma stans ) means hope in Spanish. With that in mind, I have a few hopes to share, along with a few quick photos of newly blooming esperanza (also known as yellow bells) taken this evening with my new camera, the Canon Powershot S3 IS.

I hope that shooting with my new camera will soon feel as comfortable as with my old camera.

I hope that the 12X zoom and faster shutter speed will help me take better pictures of wildlife in my garden.

I hope it doesn’t take me a month to get through the owner’s manual and learn how to use all the nifty new features.

I hope the latter isn’t too much to hope for.

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  1. Phillip says:

    I hope you like your new camera. These shows are really terrific.

    I do like it, thanks. The feel is similar to my last camera, but there are new settings to learn and experiment with. I never bothered to learn most of what my old camera could do, but I’m determined to do better with this one. —Pam

  2. Julie says:

    Dear P.,

    Just the intention of getting through the owner’s manual is inspiring. Have fun with your new tool/toy!


    Thanks, Julie. I’m having fun already! —Pam

  3. Layanee says:

    Great shots already! Who needs an owner’s manual! One thing about digital photography…you can erase as fast as you can shoot!

    Thanks, Layanee. I didn’t read the manual for my last camera, but I’m going to this time. Luckily, the S3 is user-friendly, and you don’t need to read it for basic point-and-shoot photography. I do want to learn about some of the fancier features though. —Pam

  4. Yea! You got your camera! The first blog pictures look wonderful, beautiful colors. In the camera class I took on the Alpha 100 the guy said to go through the manual and highlight and write “cheat sheets” on index cards until we were familiar with our camera. I did the highlighting, because I can’t read without one anyway, but haven’t done the cards yet. Have fun learning.

    That’s a good tip, Robin. Thanks. —Pam

  5. Carol says:

    Hope, that’s what it all about, isn’t it?
    I hope to see more of these kinds of pictures, sharp, colorful, well-focused, on your blog.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

    Carol, I thought you might comment on my purple Adirondack. —Pam

  6. LostRoses says:

    I’d say the new camera is going to be a keeper. Gorgeous clarity in your photos. As for getting through the manual, I did actually read mine but it’s taken me almost a year to get around to using all the features. I guess better too many bells and whistles than not enough.

    I’m hanging my head in shame looking at your Esperanza. I nursed mine through last winter (inside) and it’s healthy and happy looking, but not one bloom all summer. I’m glad to have your pictures to remind me of what it should look like. I still have “hope”!

    I too hope your esperanza will bloom, especially after all the TLC you’ve given it. Mine is partly shaded and never blooms before August, though it will keep blooming through October. It’s one of my few new flowers during the end-of-summer doldrums. —Pam

  7. kate says:

    Hi Pam,

    I have the same model of camera – it is quite new and I have not gone through the manual let. All that small print means using my industrial-strength reading glasses. I should though… during the winter when I won’t be out in the garden.

    The Esperanza is beautiful as are all your water lily photographs below.

    The Canon S3 seems to be a popular camera among garden bloggers. Have you been pretty happy with it so far? —Pam

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