Foliage Follow-Up goes undercover in Portland

After a week of nonstop sightseeing and garden touring in Portland, Oregon, on the Garden Bloggers Fling and, before that, with my DH, I came home with fun memories, fresh inspiration for my own garden, and 2,471 images in my camera. I have yet to sort through all those pictures, but this one struck me as a good subject for this month’s Foliage Follow-Up.

Crouching under an umbrella-like Japanese maple in Portland Japanese Garden, I delighted in the rusty, stained-glass leaves above and the textural greens all around. What a beautiful scene, and it’s all about foliage and the maple’s sculptural, forked-lightning trunk.

So what lovely leaves are making you happy in your July garden — or perhaps one you’ve visited on vacation? Please join me for Foliage Follow-Up, giving foliage plants their due on the day after Bloom Day. Leave your link to your Foliage Follow-Up post in a comment. I really appreciate it if you’ll also include a link to this post in your own post (sharing link love!). If you can’t post so soon after Bloom Day, no worries. Just leave your link when you get to it.

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  1. Diana says:

    We’re in one of the peak garden months for flowers in my garden but I still have some spectacular foliage [and I didn’t even include any of the Heucheras this month, I had so many other nice plants]. Check it out at

  2. Pam that is a beautiful tree…it would make a perfect place to meditate. I love the effect of the light through the leaves and the twisting trunk. I was sad I had to miss the Fling but hoping to make it to Toronto next year as it is o close.

    Here is my link with some of the foliage that is catching my eye.

  3. I’m moving into foliage time in my garden. But I posted some pix, like you, from a recent garden tour. The Japanese garden in Portland is pretty spectacular. I’ve been to most of the public Japanese and Chinese gardens in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver, BC but no private ones. I’ll be watching for other posts from your trip. Bet you saw some great gardens.

  4. Tina says:

    The Portland Japanese Garden is one of my favorite places and I think the best example of a Japanese garden that I’ve seen. The climate in Oregon is conducive to growing almost anything, I think. That garden, though, is a special place. Beautiful photograph. Here’s my contribution for July Foliage Follow-up.

  5. Great picture! I love the leaves catching the light. I loved seeing the Japanese garden in summer. It was your blog that inspired me to go to a fling! I can’t wait till the next…the people are as amazing as the gardens!!!

  6. Kris P says:

    Your picture captures my image of the PNW. Thanks for hosting Foliage follow-up, Pam. Here are the foliage highlights from my garden:

  7. Peter/Oulaw says:

    What fun we had on the fling! Thank you so much for dreaming it up! I accidentally deleted over 500 pictures from the fling (two gardens) so I’ll really enjoy other people’s posts about them! As usual, my foliage follow up is rather random, just went out with the camera and shot what caught my eye! Thanks again for hosting this groovy meme!

  8. Alison says:

    Very much looking forward to your always excellent garden tour posts about the Fling! My FF post is here:

  9. Shirley says:

    That’s a massive Japanese Maple and I look forward to your posting those photos soon.

    Celebrating some old favorites in the garden for July.

  10. Lovely tree image! Wow, you have a lot of images to sort through, but they should form some fabulous fodder for future blog posts (tongue twister)! Thanks, again, for hosting, Pam. This is truly one of my favorite memes. :) ~Beth

    • Pam/Digging says:

      Maria sings of raindrops on roses as one of her favorite things, but I’ll take raindrops on anything — and especially pretty leaves, as you show in your post, Beth. —Pam

  11. Pam-the photograph of the maple tree is beautiful! Thank you for hosting Foliage Follow-Up. I have some summer foliage going on in my Long Island garden. Here is the link:

  12. Diana says:

    What a lovely shot. I took so many photos of the maples with the leaves that looked like twinkling little stars.

    • Pam/Digging says:

      Your description is right on. It was a ceiling of starry leaves. Can you imagine what it’s like to visit in fall, at peak leaf color? —Pam

  13. I only took 167 pictures this Fling, such is life when you’re one of the hosts! My “fav” this week is all about the foliage masquerading as a flower…(and now I must remember to go back to my post and link it to Foliage Follow-up!)

  14. Evan says:

    Great shot of the maple! I love the Portland Japanese Garden.
    Here’s my (late) foliage follow-up.

  15. Anna K says:

    That is one magnificent tree! I love how the Japanese gardens are almost all about foliage. Once in spring, when I visited, there was one single red rhododendron bloom left on a bush near the Tea House. All other blossoms had been snipped off to the effect that that one bloom stood out intensely, thus commanding further notice and admiration. So cool! The Japanese really are masters of visual manipulation – love it! :) Here is what I scraped together this month:

    • Pam/Digging says:

      Anna, I know what you mean. When David and I visited the Japanese garden pre-Fling, a groundsperson was snipping off irises that were past peak — only slightly past peak, as we thought. I thought she might be planning to scatter the petals somewhere, but she was carrying them out of sight. They are very particular about maintenance! —Pam

  16. ricki says:

    Mine is all about foliage from the fling. Fond memories will persist for a long, long time.

  17. Lisa C. D. says:

    That picture is great. It was such a beautiful garden. It is late but here is my foliage follow up: