Trio of Texans: 3 native plants for winter interest

I spotted these three Texas beauties at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center last weekend: Texas persimmon (Diospyros texana), Texas nolina (Nolina texana), and Texas bluegrass (Poa arachnifera). You reckon they planned that combo based on name alone?

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4 Responses

  1. Bob Pool says:

    The stark white trunks of my persimmons look good against almost any back ground. That combo of persimmon and nolina looks really nice though. No mention of what to do with the fruit though. The deer love them as do almost every other animal but I have to pick them all up so the walk ways don’t get messed up. They are worth it though.

  2. Indie says:

    The persimmon tree has such pretty bark! Ha, a very nice Texan vignette!