Foliage Follow Up at San Antonio Botanical Garden conservatory

For Foliage Follow-Up this month, I offer up a leafy extravaganza from the conservatory at San Antonio Botanical Garden, which I visited last weekend (for more SABG pics, click here). This is the fern room, a humid, tropical study in lines and texture.

Many of the plants had leaves that looked matte-silver. It seemed to be a primeval world.

Next door, the cactus room offered warm, dry air and spiky foliage, a complete change from the moist, oversized fern leaves.

The textures were equally intriguing.

This plant even had “hair.”

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  1. Peter says:

    The contrasts in climate that we can see by taking a few short steps in a conservatory are amazing! Wouldn’t it be great to live inside a place like this where we could grow anything? Great foliage pictures from the tropical rain forest and the desert! Thanks for hosting the green party! (Wait, not that green party, the Foliage Follow Up party!)

  2. It looks like a wonderful conservatory. Thanks for hosting foliage follow-up, Pam! Here’s my contribution:

  3. Great pics Pam! As always, you capture spiky plants especially beautifully :)

  4. Shirley says:

    Looks like you hit all the “hot spots” in town during your trip here.

    New foliage and new plants for Foliage Follow-up today.

  5. louis says:

    WOW! thanks for sharing these heart warming pictures with us this fine foliage follow-up! San Antonio looks like the place to be! those are glorious cacti/agave!

  6. Again I mourn the lack of a conservatory here in Portland. I love them for their ability to expose people to plants not normally growing in their area, as well as the opportunity to escape and take a mini vacation getaway simply by walking through their doors. Thank you for sharing a peek at the goodies found within the San Antonio Conservatory. I didn’t go anywhere so glamorous for my ff-up post!

  7. Very nice contrasts from boiling to broiling plants, and the hairy white cacti against the greener succulents is a hit for me! SA is waiting for my next visit down, I do believe.

    My take –

  8. Alison says:

    That fern room is so wonderfully lush, and so many textures! Love it. Here’s my post for Foliage Followup:

  9. Those hairy cactus drive me crazy at the botanical garden! When I’m weeding the succulent bench inside the working glasshouse, the Old Man Cactus plants look so sweet and innocent that it’s too easy to forget you need to stay away from them. Ouch! :-)

    I did post a foliage follow-up today, too:
    (I even unknowingly followed your rainforest-then-succulents formula! ;-)

  10. Holleygarden says:

    haha – Love the “hair”! It just needs some sunglasses added on to look like “cousin it”! :)

    My post is here:

    Thanks for joining in the foliage love, Holley! I couldn’t leave a comment on your post without an account, so I hope you check back just so I can tell you how much I enjoyed your unfurling fern pics. —Pam

  11. Bernieh says:

    Such a fabulous array of foliage. The Fern Room looks amazing and the Cactus Room looks so interesting.

    I’m finally joining your meme fun with this post: