Visit to Dragonfly Farms Nursery, & goodbye Seattle Fling

The final event of last month’s Seattle Garden Bloggers Fling was an afternoon visit to Dragonfly Farms Nursery—“Where Abnormality is the Normality!”—in Kingston, WA, and a fun happy hour on the lawn.

Dragonfly Farms offers not only an enticing selection of plants for sale but beautiful and whimsical display gardens. Consider the gigantic metal orbs pictured at top. (I had a little fun with perspective.)

Their true size is apparent in this photo, with a fellow blogger in the picture for scale. In the foreground stands a temple of love, a classical garden ornament with a beautifully wrought metal dome. The gardens were sunny, despite the gray, drizzly day, with yellow flowers and golden foliage…

…like this…

…and this. Check out the heavy chain archway—how did they do that?

Farm implements stood in for sculpture throughout the gardens.

Plow discs have been made into succulent dishes.

A closer look

And bowls and plates find new life as garden-art flowers.

More china flowers

Seattle likes using decorative glass in the garden.

But mannequin hands? That’s definitely “abnormal.”

A rebar plant support frames this blue-and-yellow combo.


A fly rests on a daisy.

Bright summer color

There’s even a touch of formality with this short allee along a straight, grassy path.

Did you expect to see a palm tree? I didn’t. But its hairy trunk adds inviting texture to the garden.

The flower color is echoed in the stems of this pretty plant.

Purple and gold—lovely

And so is pink and gold

How about gold and white? I don’t love this combo as much, but look—it’s a stock-tank planter!

Colorful succulents in a tiny wheelbarrow

From the other side, with California poppies in the background

Of course Dragonfly Farms would have to carry some of these.

And for those willing to stuff plants in their suitcases, the sales tables beckoned. (Update 2015: Dragonfly Farms has permanently closed, unfortunately.)

After touring the display gardens, we Flingers were treated to a happy hour by sponsor Proven Winners. I neglected to take any pics of the beautiful spread they served us, but I did snap this fashionable trio, who, inspired by the millinery at the recent royal wedding, sported fascinators to the last event of the Fling: Helen of Toronto Gardens, Caroline of The Shovel-Ready Garden, and Vicki of Playin’ Outside. Rock that look, gals!

Take a closer look at Vicki’s regionally appropriate fascinator. The yellow bit represents a Seattle banana slug! And those are fern fronds too. Clever, Vicki.

Soon it was time to say goodbye to a beautiful and welcoming city…

…as well as garden-blogging friends from all over the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. From right to left: Carol of May Dreams Gardens (Indiana), Lisa of Natural Gardening (North Carolina), Kelly of Floradora (northern California), Dee of Red Dirt Ramblings (Oklahoma), and Kathy of Cold Climate Gardening (upstate New York).

My Austin friend Jenny of Rock Rose

Happy gardening and garden-writing, y’all! Next year’s Garden Bloggers Fling will be held in Asheville, North Carolina, organized by Christopher of Outside Clyde (details and dates TBA). I hope to see my fellow bloggers again then.

My thanks to Jim of Compost in My Shoe for permission to repost his photo of our group on the ferry to Bainbridge Island.

For a look back at my post about the tranquil Bloedel Reserve, click here.

All material © 2006-2011 by Pam Penick for Digging. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

14 Responses

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  2. VP says:

    What a fitting finale to our Fling!

    Jim’s photo came out really well didn’t it? I’ve had so much fun looking at it and seeing just how many names I can now put to faces. I must ask him for my own copy.

  3. I’ve yet to blog about many of the Seattle sights and adventures, but I love seeing and reading the others. Beautiful photography, as usual, Pam! I look forward to seeing you again, whenever and wherever that may be!

  4. Greggo says:

    like seeing that cool weather. I was beginning to wonder if it was possible.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    …and a good time was had by all.

  6. David C. says:

    The vibrant look of all the foliage you show from “Cascadia” is what grabs me the most! It belongs there, not here, and I hope people from the southwest can see why and go there to enjoy it. Vicki’s hair adornment says it well!

    Now, back to our regularly-scheduled programming from The Death Star.

  7. Gail says:

    It was a wonderful end to a good day and a great Fling. gail ps Those rusting spheres are fantastic

  8. Bob Pool says:

    What a nursery and how odd seeing you guys in coats.

    Did you happen to notice the many gardens on the roof tops in down town?

    I did see a lot of greenery on top of buildings, Bob, not only in Seattle but Portland and Vancouver too. —Pam

  9. Ha, I missed those mannequin hands. Too funny!

  10. Great tour photos and I appreciate your sharing for those of us who couldn’t make it. Wonderful inspiration — and, what a fabulous, happy group of gardeners!

  11. One says:

    Gorgeous photos! Looks like you people had a lot of fun together!

  12. Cyndy says:

    Wonderful photos as always Pam! Love the wheelbarrow of succulents, and all those smiling blogger faces :) Sorry I couldn’t make it, but wanted to spend time with my daughter that day – hope to see you in Asheville!

  13. S. Fox says:

    Great tour, loved seeing all your photos and narrative. A cool and green departure from what we see here in south Texas this summer.

  14. Your rusty orb photos are a perfect example of how you always manage to compose your pictures in a refreshing way. Even those of us who saw them in person didn’t see them like this!
    Sincere thanks for capturing the Fling so well. It’s good to know we can go to your blog for a “booster smile” from time to time.