Garden Up! Vertical gardening cyber book party & giveaway

Today is the official launch of Garden Up! Smart Vertical Gardening for Small and Large Spaces, a new book by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet, my friends and colleagues at Garden Designers Roundtable. To celebrate, Rebecca and Susan are hosting a cyber book party with 7 great giveaways, and I’m participating. Welcome to the party!

I can’t offer an unbiased review of Garden Up! because I’m so excited for Rebecca and Susan’s accomplishment. Plus I’m delighted to have contributed four of my photographs to the book, including this one of my sister’s courtyard garden in Houston. So of course I hope the book does well.

Photo by Rebecca Sweet

Having already read it, I can tell you that it offers great ideas for adding vertical dimension to your garden, whether you garden on a spacious rural or suburban lot or are making the most of a tiny, narrow side yard. For instance, suburban gardeners often start with a blank slate, a flat plane of grass with maybe a shade tree or two, and it can be daunting to figure out how to make an inviting garden space out of it. Susan and Rebecca share their experience as garden designers to illustrate how vertical hardscaping (arbors, trellises, fencing, walls, and the like) and layering plants to bridge the mid-level between grass and trees can define human-scaled garden spaces.

Photo by Rebecca Sweet

Likewise, the city gardener on a tight urban lot needs to capitalize on every inch of space, and gardening vertically is the key. Susan and Rebecca suggest using containers of different heights to create a layered effect in narrow spaces like balconies and around the edges of courtyards. Gardening up on the walls is also a great technique, whether with traditional trellises or contemporary succulent “pictures.”

I also like how Rebecca and Susan juxtapose before-and-after shots (as above) to illustrate how to garden up. Throughout the book they take a garden shot and break out the elements, with separate pictures and text, to show what makes the garden work. It’s a very illustrative method of explaining the essence of good vertical design.

But now it’s time to move on to the giveaways! There are some great prizes at this cyber book party. Seven bloggers, all of whom contributed to Susan and Rebecca’s book, are co-hosting, and each is offering a unique door prize. All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment. Winners will be chosen randomly. The contest runs for a week, so check back on March 21 to see if you’re one of the lucky ones. The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more chances you have to win. Update: Prizes can only be shipped within the continental U.S.

Here’s what I’m giving away: a fabulous Succulent Living Picture Kit (valued at $70) from Succulent Gardens. I would love to have this for myself, but no! I am a good hostess and must not keep the good stuff to myself. The kit will be shipped to the winner to be assembled at home: a redwood frame topped with a wire grid, soil, and succulent cuttings. After you plant the succulents and give them time to root, you can hang your living picture on a wall and enjoy it all summer. (It will need to be brought indoors for the winter if it freezes in your region.)

My six co-hosts are also offering great prizes, so drop by their blogs and leave a comment to put yourself in the running:

Susan Morrison — Blue Planet Garden Blog
Prize: Nouveau Leaf Wrought Iron Trellis from H. Potter

Rebecca Sweet — Gossip in the Garden
Prize: Fiskars tool basket from Fiskars

Angela Davis — My Rubber Boots
Prize: $25 gift certificate from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply

Jim Martin — Compost in My Shoe
Prize: $50 gift certificate from Annie’s Annuals

Jenny Peterson — J Peterson Garden Design
Prize: $75 gift certificate from High Country Gardens

Laura Schaub — Interleafings
Prize: Wally One from Woolly Pockets

Party Favors!

Would you like to have an autographed copy of Garden Up!? Rebecca and Susan are offering a pretty, signed bookplate (hand illustrated by Susan) to the first 100 people who purchase the book online. They’re working on the honor system, so there’s no need to prove you made a purchase. Just send an email with a mailing address and the name of the book’s recipient to:

Thanks for coming to the party! Good luck in the giveaways, and if Garden Up! appeals to you enough to buy a copy, thanks for supporting my friends’ first book.

All material © 2006-2011 by Pam Penick for Digging. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited.

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  1. Frankie says:

    I love your blog, love succulents, and would love to win the succulent picture kit. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks!

  2. Diana says:

    Love the photos of the new book. I’ve been following tweets and posts about it and now know I can’t live without it! (How often do we gardeners say that about something related to gardening? I’m in — and what a great idea with the online book party.

  3. Judy Baumann says:

    Pam – this book looks great. As does your “living picture”. If I don’t win it, I’ve got to try it on my own. Robin has a great video on his blog! That’s a LOT of plants in that frame.

  4. Cindy Bony says:

    I love following your blog and seeing what you do with your Austi garden. My husband and I loved your cinderblock planter for succulents. Totally awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Donna says:

    By the title I was expecting more 40 foot high planted walls. I am so glad it was a book review on vertical gardening. The images are inspiring, your sister’s garden included. Now the picture succulents I see as manageable. A little more scaled for a busy homeowner.

  6. I’ve always wanted to try succulents, but have been too chicken. ;)

  7. Chris F says:

    Looks like a great book! Can’t wait to get a look at it for some ideas for my nekkid fence.

  8. Nicky says:

    Hi Pam!

    I’m crazy for vertical gardening but haven’t tried too much of it yet. Garden Up looks like a great book to learn about this type of gardening, especially when it comes to choosing the right plants.

    That Succulent Living Picture Kit is adorable, btw. Love it!



  9. Alma Delia says:

    Oooooh Great looking book AND prize!!

  10. Weeder says:

    ooohhhhh! MORE inspiration! Can’t wait to get my hands on and my eyes in that book!

  11. kim shields says:

    My daughter lives in an apartment with a small balcony in Austin. She has just started to get interested in plants. Her birthday is in May and I am definitely going to get the book for her. (I will have to read it first) beautiful photos!

  12. Pam, I’m shocked -shocked, I’m sayin’ – that you are letting this tasty little prize go! That is a sweet succulent kit, and would look wonderful in my yard. Here’s hoping I win, and I’ll let you visit it…your description of that book now makes me want to get it, it might help me with that problem area I have with vines and trellises between me and my close neighbors. How cool that your pic made it into the book, too!

  13. Leslie says:

    Having just returned the succulents to the fence where they spend all but the coldest months I would love to have something new to add! The book looks great by the way.

  14. Darla says:

    This books sounds full of inspiration…must check it out…please put my name in the drawing!

  15. Yay for Susan and Rebecca!!! And yay for you with your photos getting published again. Great review Pam and I can’t wait to check out the book, of course winning the succulent planter box would be pretty sweet too!

  16. Genevieve says:

    I’d adore that succulent living picture kit! It’s one of the things in the book that I immediately thought – must have!!!!

  17. Barbara says:

    Love all your suggestions and book recommendations. Thanks for blogging so often. Please enter me in the contest.

  18. Mary Marlowe Leverette says:

    I worked with Jim Martin for years and I’m so pleased to see him receive the recognition he deserves! A succulent wall garden is so perfect for our hot summers in SC. Pick me! Pick me!

  19. Nina says:

    Soooooo beautiful!

  20. Jane Click says:

    Love your blog and photos and always check in every few days. I took in all of my tender succulents and pulled up some bulbine for a restart but lost all my barrel cacti, aloes and agaves… pretty much everything but a few sedums. I have a spot on my wall that’s calling out for your succulent box! I’ll definitely check out the book next time I’m in the bookstore.

  21. Jenny says:

    Wow, I was drooling over those photos. Did you design your sister’s courtyard or does she have these wonderful design skills too? I think I could use a little advice on better things to grow up my walls- like that rose. And I would love to have the chance to win that succulent planter. It is spectacular. Would it like Austin? I’m game to give it a try.

    I did a quick sketch of my sister’s courtyard design for her, Jenny, and she took it to a local designer who implemented it. I think the succulent planter would do great here in Austin with the usual caveat of bright shade or morning sun/afternoon shade. —Pam

  22. Lisa Blair says:

    Exciting! I really love the vertical gardening idea. Please enter me for the drawing. I have the perfect spot for that succulent planter!

  23. Nancy says:

    Nice review of this wonderful new book! That succulent planter is just too cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. katzien says:

    What a great how-to focus. Creating vertical interest is really important, and equally as hard for me. I’m newly into succulents, so this little door prize is perfect! Congrats on the sxsw panel too….how cool for you! xoxo

  25. Garden Goddess says:

    Love the succulent picture! When I first heard about your book I immediately thought of my friend with the small condo patio…then I thought about my own garden… I guess I’m going to have to get TWO! Please enter me in the drawing–you never know.


    Garden Goddess

  26. Todd says:

    Hey Pam. Looks like a great book. Love the blog too.

  27. Hey, I want to win! Love your part in the book Pam. Congrats!!!!!!

  28. Emily says:

    I love these succulents and the book sounds wonderful!

  29. Patricia R says:

    Love your blog and your garden, and I’d really like to win the tray of succulents!

  30. I absolutely love the courtyard garden with the brick and all the beautiful plants growing verticle.

  31. Sounds like a great book to have. I love the courtyard. Did you have a hand in that design?

    Hi, Linda. I did a quick sketch of my sister’s courtyard design for her, and she took it to a local designer who implemented it. —Pam

  32. ella y. says:

    I love gardening books with lots of eye candy and this one looks like it fits the bill!
    Can’t wait to own it.

    Love the succulent art. If I don’t win I’ll have to try a DIY.


  33. Maureen D says:

    Bravo, and congratulations for being included in the book! Susan let me take a peek at the galleys over the holidays, and I have to admit that your side yard transformation was one of the most arresting of the images, and there are many, many fab images in the book! Congrats again to Susan and Rebecca!

  34. You’re right about Garden Up! My copy arrived last week, it’s everything I hoped for plus more. I recently started reading your blog, and I’m lovin’ it. Thanks…

  35. Greggo says:

    I need more reading material as I will be home for 5 months recovering from surgery. Always interested in new concepts and inspirations. Please enter me into the drawing! Thanks.

  36. I have a big blank garage wall that needs some vertical love. Tried clematis without much luck so I am looking for other ideas. The succulent art is adorable and would look great by my front door.

  37. Hi, Pam — No need to enter me to win. I just wanted to let you I dropped by your part of the cyber party, and enjoyed your perspective on the book! Debra

  38. Cheri Herrboldt says:

    I love gardening books (thanks for the review) and I LOVE succulents! The planter is so awesome!

  39. jess s says:

    That succulent frame is so awesome.

  40. LJ says:

    I saw the picture of the succulent tray and thought, “I need that!” so I hope I win! Looks like a beautiful book that could really help me get some ideas on how to liven up my garden area that was designed for veggie production (hmm…this spot gets lots of sun…), but without any thought to aesthetics!

  41. I’ve been meaning to green up the area around the bathtub…. this would work nicely!

  42. Ryan Miller says:

    I already knew about your great blog but most of the others doing this cyber-book club were new to me. Thanks for introducing me to those blogs, this book, and for having such a great contest item!

  43. S. Fox says:

    The book sounds like a great resource for ideas and the courtyard garden looks lovely.

    Would really, really love to win the succulent kit too!

  44. Judy says:

    I love the succulent kit!!! Garden Up sounds great, can’t wait to read it

  45. Caroline says:

    THAT is an ADORABLE succulent kit. Congrats on having your photos included in the book!

  46. J Bloom says:

    I am dying to get my hands on this book- and glad to have found your blog through this!

  47. Chris Alkire says:

    Love the whole gardening up idea :)

  48. katebalt says:

    The book looks great…I’ll have to find myself a copy!

  49. What a wonderful idea! I just recently saw examples of “living walls” and love them. And I bought several succulents at Annie’s Annuals last fall, because I just loved them! Your succulent kit would be perfect in my little garden room on the bare fence! Can’t wait to get the book!

  50. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    My small suburban garden is always in need of upright gardening tips. This book sounds great. You know I love the succulents. I have gone to a couple of Flower/patio shows lately. Succulents are the “in” thing. They were used in several intersting ways. I like this picture frame.

  51. Cindy says:

    Please enter me in your drawing- succulents are my obsession!

  52. Carmen says:

    Love, love succulents. I have them growning inside the house and out. With winters in North Dakota, I really need to find the hardy ones for outside!

  53. Rose Wallace says:

    I am very excited about this book. I can’t wait to get mine!

  54. Marilyn Bauer says:

    Now that I am downsizing my garden, I have plans to go vertical! This is just the ticket.

  55. Pam, how exciting that your photos/garden are featured in Susan & Rebecca’s new book! Just beautiful;-) I’d love to win the kit you are featuring! You can visit the Gardeners’ Sustainable Living Project on my blog for a chance to win 1 of 16 different garden gifts, as well! Would love to have you visit and join in! Happy Spring!

  56. Cheryl Jung says:

    The book looks wonderful, and I love going through each link to the various websites–all of which are great! Thank you!

  57. Terry Sanders says:

    I’ve been thinking about a vertical garden, but not figured out what yet. I lost many of my outdoor succulents to the big freeze this year!

  58. Mamaholt says:

    Oh, my garden is SO in need of height! I need this book. I actually do not need the succulent planter!!! Do I win an award for being the only one to not need it? hee hee

  59. Diane says:

    I bought a copy of Garden Up the second I heard about it! I live in a townhouse with only TINY areas for gardens, and going “up” is the only option I have left. Please enter me in the drawing – succulents work beautifully in my area.

  60. Robyn says:

    What a wonderful book! And my Zoe would LOVE that succulent picture kit. I’ll have to figure out where to order one if we don’t win!

  61. cloverann says:

    I might have great guilt if I won the gorgeous vertical succulent garden: I think Pam would arrange a much better display than I would! Oh the angst! (But I hope I win!!) The book looks wonderful, too!

  62. Congratulations, Pam, on having your beautiful photos included in the book. You deserve the attention and praise!

  63. Liz says:

    I want this book (and prize). I haven’t done a lot of vertical gardening,or even know how…but I’m a great admirer.

  64. Susy says:

    Love all succulents, I’m so glad that they have become the rage since now garden centers are carrying a better selection!

  65. Ivette Soler says:

    I am having SO much fun at this party! And even though I KNOW I won’t win (I never win anything!) I am drooling over the beautiful succulent kit – somebody is going to be very very lucky!
    Pam your pictures look SO fantastic – I’m going to have to bring my copy of the book to Austin so I can get you to sign it, too! I love this book – Susan and Rebecca totally hit it out of the park (like we had ANY doubt!) and have created a beautiful and informative book about a layer of a garden that is crucial to good design! GARDEN UP!!!


  66. Jackie Morris says:

    I don’t have a vertical garden but I have some great ideas now.

  67. Iris says:

    omgracious… must have the Garden Up! book and those Succulent Living Picture Kits are just thrilling… thanks for the chance… best party ever…!!

  68. Paige says:

    Just starting up a new garden at my place and a new blog to talk about it. The succulent kit looks awesome! I hope I win!

  69. Beverly says:

    Those succulents would look great next to my little haworthia at my desk at work. Yay!

  70. It’s so nice of you to participate in the book launch party AND to offer this great ‘door prize’. I purchased two copies of their book yesterday on Amazon – one for me and one for gift giving. I live in the country and have lots of space to garden, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the beauty of a vertical garden!

  71. Faye says:

    I love vertical gardening…I love living walls, planted with succulents. Please enter me in your drawing.
    Best of all my book. Garden Up I pre-ordered from Amazon is on its way.

  72. linda scott says:

    These pictures are sooo inspiring!! I’m so interested in vertical gardening. In fact, I’m planning one right now with some stuff I have laying around! The book looks awesome!

  73. Oh,I’m just getting into succulents. The Living Picture kit looks so interesting. I saw a living wreath with succulents just yesterday. I have a new blog about our garden and house.

  74. I love your blog! I am so excited about succulents and vertical gardens! I can’t wait for this season to kick off!

  75. Megan says:

    Exciting! Can’t wait to check out the new book! I love before & afters. I’d love to get my hands on one of Robin’s living picture kits, too!

  76. Melissa Gathings says:

    Great idea; mounting lighting ON the house! Love your sister’s courtyard.

  77. Becky Lane says:

    Sounds fun – count me in!

  78. Jen says:

    I have run out of gardening space. I love this pictures and will have to grab the book and get some more ideas for my yard!

  79. Roya says:

    I just started my first succulent pot..I’d love to add a wall piece!

  80. Vertie says:

    oh, what the heck, maybe i”ll win.

  81. Oh I haven’t been to a party in awhile. This is such a super cool idea. Your give away is my fav as I think succulents are a delight and a wonderful way to go in a garden. In SoCal I happen to have the perfect climate for them and this Garden Up gift is just so cute!

    Much success to you!

  82. Kala Goodwin says:

    Congrats on making the book! Your garden photos are beautiful!

  83. meemsnyc says:

    That succulent kit is gorgeous! Really nice.

  84. Lisa S says:

    Congratulations on the great book! I would love to do more vertical gardening. This pix on your blog are inspirational.

  85. Catherine R says:

    Just a note to say how much I enjoy this blog and the inspiration I always find. Thank you!

  86. Kitty says:

    Great book for any gardeners TBR and Wish List. I was not aware of Succulent Gardens & I love succulents.

  87. Jessica B says:

    Your sister’s courtyard is beautiful. Can’t wait to read the book!

  88. linda scott says:

    What kind of vine is it that is crawling up and around the door and stucco wall pictured above?? I can’t figure it out. :)

    I’m fairly sure it’s a climbing rose, Linda. Pretty, isn’t it? —Pam

  89. victoria says:

    I desperately want this for my tiny urban DC garden. Oh, please, please, let me get lucky!!!

    Victoria Tory

  90. Town Mouse says:

    Well, I expected that a succulent lover from Texas would be in on this virtual party! Great review, and thanks for being a co-host!

  91. I LOVE the book! And the photo of your sister’s garden is one idea I want to try here. (The trellis.) The kit you’re giving away is GORGEOUS! I’d love to win that!

  92. Kelley says:

    Wow! What a great book and such an inspiring way to garden. I started with a suburban blank slate and need all the ideas I can get. I will certainly go check the book out! Love the picture planter too! :)

  93. Justine says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Loving that succulent kit too; gorgeous!

  94. Peggy says:

    I can be excited for these women to have a book of their own, too. I understand it contains articles/photos of your yard. The tray of succulents you are giving looks like it would fit into my yard right around the corner from the walkway. Must get that book, too.

  95. Lorraine says:

    Love the book. Love all the prizes. Thanks so much for sharing with us all.

  96. Joel Ignacio says:

    Vertical gardening is something I’m trying to do more of since I have limited space… plus I would love to win that Succulent Living Picture Kit :)

  97. Carrie says:

    I’ll be looking for this book, having filled every (horizontal) inch of my tiny condominium garden.

  98. Sandra says:

    Oh. love succulents, love vertical, love blogs I didn’t know about before, love garden books. Happy spring!

  99. Layanee says:

    Gee Pam, giveaways sure do increase traffic don’t they? I am happy to hear you have photos in the book.

  100. Katina says:

    Congrats on getting some of your photos published in the book. Also, thanks for posting the link to succulent gardens – I may have to get my mom one of their wreaths for christmas this year.

  101. Kerry says:

    The book is totally fabulous and I love the succulent wall planter!

  102. susan carrillo says:

    happened upon your website by chance after my dad passed.was so impressed with the photography and how your garden was designed. every day looking at the different catagories ,i clicked on cemeteries and was shocked when the gravestone read Robert Williamson,
    my dad …i’m sure he’s with me every day especially in my garden

  103. Nicole Markey says:

    The book looks really interesting and the succulent wall planter is amazing. Would love to win it.

  104. hi..the post is really awesome…the pictures in the post are really very beautiful…Some plants are totally new to me, i am seeing them first time…i love the post, and thanks for sharing such nice post..keep it up, I want to view more posts from you…

  105. Linda Taylor says:

    Cant wait to get the book!
    Plus, I’d love to win your giveaway!

  106. Karen Elam says:

    Loving the cyber garden party! Thanks to all the passionate gardeners, bloggers, writers, photographers,sponsers, etc. etc. that’ve helped make this all possible… Happy reading, dreaming,growing & winning everyone!

  107. brad says:

    this ‘coordinated launch’ is a great idea – i’ve seen a lot of cool sites this morning. thanks for hosting the contest.

  108. I’m enjoying your blog, and, of course, would like to be entered in the drawing. LifeOnTheBalcony sent me your direction. I’m going online next to check out the book.

  109. I love your blog!! I just ordered the book. With the interest in vertical gardening I am sure it will be a huge hit. Love the vertical succulent hanger!! I have just the spot for it.

  110. Calif_Sue says:

    I have been enjoying reading all the bloggers comments on the new book so of course, I had to order it! I am also enjoying reading past posts from all of you wonderful garden bloggers, while it’s forecast to rain for several days here, I can stay busy pouring over all the inspirational garden ideas!

  111. Wendy says:

    The succulent planter looks gorgeous! I’m hoping to win!

  112. Lauren Allpress says:

    I love succulents but don’t seem to have the knack for them. I’d certainly love to give this planter a try, though! It’s beautiful!

  113. meredee says:

    Sounds like an interesting book – enter me in the drawing!

  114. Suzy Maclay says:

    Great topic. I just put the book on order with Amazon – a steal at $12

  115. Louise says:

    Love, love, love that Succulent Living Picture Kit. Please enter my name for a chance to win!

  116. MaryEllen Krautter says:

    I am a reluctant poster. I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I just love all your pictures, advice and ideas! Last year I began experimenting with succulents, probably due to your inspiration. I have tried, in vain, to find a gopher plant and am still looking for one. I would love to win the succulent living picture and I live in Austin, so it would be an easy delivery or pick up!

    MaryEllen, thanks for breaking your silence to leave such a nice comment. I saw gopher plant for sale at Natural Gardener and the Great Outdoors a couple of weeks ago. You might call them to see if they have any or will be getting another shipment anytime soon. —Pam

  117. Michelle says:

    Can’t wait to read that book! I ‘garden up’ in my garden since my yard is cursed with the super-skinny side yards and ugly fencing all around. I use a lot of vines and hanging baskets.

  118. Rosemary says:

    I have such a tiny yard…and so much wooden fence. I’d love to learn more about gardening up, and I’d love this succulent frame you’re giving away. Thanks for putting a plug in for this book. I will be buying it!

  119. Beverly G says:

    I like your blog and follow it everyday. You have some very good advice. I love the concept of a vertical garden. I hope I win the prize!

    Thanks for being a regular reader, Beverly. I appreciate it! —Pam

  120. Patti Hinkle says:

    Please enter me in the drawing. If I don’t win, I may just copy the idea. Can’t wait to check out the other blogs.

  121. As what you are telling us about the book, it seems to be a very interesting book. I can’t wait to read it. I’m looking for some really good ideas to get my high, long and naked looking private fence dressed up.
    Thanks for hosting this contest. The Giveaway you are offering looks just awesome.
    Paula Jo

  122. Mary Tonsager says:

    I am a regular visitor of your blog, but have never posted. The chance to win that amazing prize has broken my blog silence. The book looks terrific too. Thanks for inviting us into your backyard, taking us along on your visits to other gardens, and your wonderful photos. Mary

    Thanks for your kind comment, Mary, and for reading Digging! —Pam

  123. vbdb says:

    The book looks like a real winner – even if I don’t win the succulent picture, delighted to have found out about the book.

  124. Kelly Ann Wells says:

    I am so glad Spring is finally here!! I have a small space but by the end of May it is bursting with green plants and colorful flowers! Your book is just the inspiration I need! :)

  125. Awesome blog as always and love the succulents. I purchased the last book you reviewed and I can’t get enough of it. I take it with me on trips to read it over and over and now that spring is here, I hope to apply some of this knowledge. Thank you for being such a wonderful hostess! Pamie G.

  126. I am very interested in the idea of a vertical garden, and can’t wait to check out the new book. I have wanted to try out something of this kind for a while, and so, possibly this will provide the right inspiration. I need to do something, because I have what seems to be miles of blank wood privacy fencing just crying out to be covered with something beautiful.

  127. Linda says:

    Your sister’s garden patio looks so inviting! I can just imagine relaxing there with a good book or having an intimate chat with a friend.

  128. sharon james says:

    I’ve really enjoyed watching your new garden come to life. You’re an inspiration!

  129. I agree…I love your sister’s garden! Please enter me in your great giveaway. The books looks wonderful!!!!

  130. Can’t win if you don’t enter. Even if it means overwintering it inside.

  131. Scott H. says:

    I like the idea of the living picture frame. I have recent come across your site and it if full of great ideas.

  132. Tamara says:

    I’m new to Austin gardening, but finally gathered the courage to tear out my front lawn and plant drought-tolerant plants; your blog is my go-to source when I need information. Thanks!

  133. Elaine says:

    Great photos of vertical garden ideas in action. Looking forward to getting my book too. I have been to Succulent Gardens in Castroville and it is a wonderfully huge place. Spent over 4 hours there pouring over everything. They also did a Dove Cote display at Filoli Gardens last year that was fabulous and I loved their display at the SF Flower and Garden show last year. Looking forward to the show again coming up this week. Found you via Compost in my shoe via Annie’s Annuals. I have no doubt that the book will do well. Thanks for participating in the raffle – it’s lots of fun!

  134. I’m so excited for this book! I love climbing vines and climbing edibles (like peas!). I can’t wait to read about the vertical edibles. Congratulations on being included!

  135. Hilary says:

    Hi Pam, love the succulent picture kit and the book! I’ve been having a ton of fun reinventing my garden this year and have been referring to your blog for advice and ideas. Thank you for all you share!

  136. Kristen says:

    I need this book – I tried to garden vertically a few years ago, but now have big gaps between the beds and the vines that trail along the top of my fence. The tips on layering would help, I imagine.

    And the succulent picture kit – well, how lovely is that?

  137. Connie Tompkins says:

    I really like the pics from the book. Thanks for the give-away.

  138. Jodi says:

    Pam, how generous you are to share such a prize! Love those succulents and hope I am not too late to be considered.

    You have given me much inspiration this Spring Break…I love the new pool pump “cottage” and how your yard is transforming. So fun to see!

    Enjoy your spring!!!

  139. Jay Nolan says:

    I saw a succulent wreath on sale at The Great Outdoors for $50 (half off) after Christmas. I am still kicking myself for not buying one. I enjoy watching the progress of your yard. But I miss “Green Hall”.

  140. Sharon Zigrossi says:

    Love your garden blog- I think I might be your biggest fan! I’m always referring people to Digging and enjoy all your great plant and gardening ideas. Succulents are one of my favorites but haven’t tried going vertical yet. Plan to check out Garden Up for new project ideas.

    Thanks for being a loyal reader, Sharon. I appreciate it! —Pam

  141. NIckaleen Neff says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and I am in love! I love the stock tank ponds, I have a vegetable garden in my tank but I’m always looking for an excuse to by a new one.
    Although I find them so beautiful I have never attempted to grow a succulent garden here’s hoping my chance has come!

  142. surekha says:

    i came to know about ur blog when i was searching for some info about texas plants.i am happy that i found ur blog and am visiting it ever since.thanks for the info u r giving in this …i am checking ur blog for lot of information.thanks for all ur posts.

  143. Abbey says:

    What a great contest. Whoever wins is very fortunate.

  144. Amy says:

    What a fun contest! Can’t wait to read the book too…

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