Japanese Garden in Buffalo’s Delaware Park

One of the stops on Friday’s bus tour at Garden Bloggers Buffa10 was the Japanese Garden in Delaware Park. Part of Buffalo’s historic Olmsted Parks System, the garden was constructed in 1974 by its Japanese sister city, Kanazawa, but as Buffalo fell on hard times the park suffered. A staff member told us that the unfenced garden’s only maintenance for a period of time was done by gardening neighbors, who planted their daylily divisions and other extra plants throughout the grounds. Today the city is working to renovate the garden.

The gate pictured above was constructed without nails, in the traditional manner, we were told. Moss is allowed to grow on the roof to impart a feeling of age. The stone steps, wet with rain, were beautiful.

At the bottom of the hillside garden, a stone lantern is reflected in Mirror Lake.

Looking back, a color echo and contrast in style between the classical facade of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society and the diminutive stone temple on a tiny island.

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9 Responses

  1. Quite lovely and serene! Interesting story on the renovation and care by the neighbors.

  2. This looks like another beautiful place, in a city full of beautiful places.

  3. Like everyone else unfamiliar with Buffalo, “I had no idea”. Thanks for showing us this gem.

  4. Pam: Really enjoying your Buffalo posts and getting to see the city I grew up in, in such a new light! I left in 1972 before the Japanese garden was built or much of the garden enthusiasm had developed. And I was just out of college, so I’m not sure how much was happening garden-wise that I missed. Loved the shot of the Historical Society, one of my favorite buildings and haunts.

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    That cottage area is amazing. This japanese garden must have been wonderful after the vibrancy of the cottages. So serene here.

  6. Gail says:

    I liked this garden~I remember someone saying it was a baby garden. Imagine what garden loving Buffalo will do with it over time~gail

  7. Layanee says:

    Raindrops on the lake…great photos again Pam.

  8. eliz says:

    Oh yes. I did not have my camera with me on Friday, if you can believe it. I love the lake and the 2 neoclassic museums we have around it. The japanese garden is nice, but for me, it does not say much without its context. Beautiful shots!

  9. The only picture I took at the Japanese gardens was of the cake! It was a replica of a Japanese lantern. You saw things in your mind’s eye that I just didn’t–I was too distracted by people, rain and the mayor. Love the contrast of the lake and the Historical Society building. Gorgeous!