Intent of the Gardener: Picture This photo contest entry

Here’s my entry for July’s Picture This photo contest sponsored by Gardening Gone Wild. The theme intrigued me: Capturing the Intent of the Gardener. Professional photographer and judge Rich Pomerantz explains that he is looking for images that “interpret what the gardener has created, as opposed to just snapping an image of something, however beautiful it may be, that could exist anywhere.”

Exploring Chanticleer Garden on a misty summer afternoon (see the sidebar link for my tour of the gardens), I was arrested by this vignette of three chairs sheltered under a majestic tree and placed to take in the view of sweeping perennial beds and a clover-studded lawn. The gauzy light creates a serene, world-unto-itself feeling. The friendly invitation and intimacy offered by the trio of purple Adirondacks grounds the expansive view.

To me it epitomizes what Chanticleer calls itself: a pleasure garden. It’s a garden that wants you to explore, laugh, be inspired, and, yes, simply relax and enjoy the view.

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13 Responses

  1. Kristin says:

    What a fabulous photo! It makes me want to be there.

  2. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    Oh yes, I would like to be there with a glass of sweet iced tea and my paints.

  3. There are so many pictures of Chanticleer floating around that I can almost feel like I’ve been there – but yours hits it home that I need to go actually rest within that view to really see the garden. Good luck with the contest!

  4. joco says:

    Oh Pam, I want to sit there and be enveloped by all the soothing greenery. (Just hope the squirrels up above in the trees will behave :-)

  5. Cindy, MCOK says:

    Gosh, I want to go sit in one of those chairs and drink in that view!

  6. A great photo, as usual. Good luck.

  7. Daricia says:

    Your prose is as great as the view. Beautiful photo. Good luck with the contest.

  8. Fougeres says:

    Dear Pam,

    Congrats again and Happy Fourth from San Antonio!

    -Fougères at

  9. Your photo does indeed capture the essence of that garden, and make you feel like you could walk right over and sit in those chairs and enjoy it.

    This contest is a real challenger, isn’t it? I think you rose to the challenge admirably.

  10. I think you may have this one, Pam, fantastic photo! Hope you saw the update where they removed the size limit for the photo. You can comment with a new link before the contest ends a little under 23 hours from now.

  11. John says:

    Hey, I think we sat in those chairs. They inspired buying our own Adirondack chairs. Nice submission!

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  13. commonweeder says:

    I feel like I could be in an English novel waiting for tea to be served in the shade.