Aloe saponaria fireworks

Flowers like exploding fireworks are blazing above the Aloe saponaria (aka A. maculata).

The orange blossoms add sizzle and pop to the green and blue color scheme.

When the bloom stalk appears and begins to soar skyward, the flower is green and pointed like this.

And then…Ka-pow!

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10 Responses

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I remember seeing aloes blooming the last time we went to TX. They are so pretty. I like the one that has a yellow bloom too.

  2. I see a few monster aloes around here (not sure which species), but this one is much prettier. The plant, and the flowers have a much more delicate appearance. Lovely!

  3. That is beautiful. I’ve never had an aloe that bloomed.
    Oh, dear….more plants for my ‘gotta have’ list.

  4. Floridagirl says:

    My soap aloes are lighting up the garden as well right now! (My sister’s were blooming last month.) Aren’t they the most interesting things?!! I don’t think there’s a garden anywhere in Central Florida that does not have at least a few of these.

  5. Ka-pow huh? I love it. They are fabulous, I wish my Aloe saponaria would bloom again! I’m afraid they just aren’t getting enough light.

  6. Nicole says:

    Yep, arent they just fabulous-gorgeous blooms from no care plants that reproduce themselves to replace those lost.

  7. Nancy Bond says:

    What a gorgeous colour, and it really pops against those blue planters!

  8. Lola says:

    Mine are blooming now too. I must re pot them. I’ve been under the weather pretty bad so hopefully one day.

  9. Guess I’m going to give aloes another look. Yours is gorgeous!

  10. Ours in Charleston are all aglow as yours are in Austin. That plant never fails to excite me with its foliage and flowers! For us it is so wonderful with our constant heat and humidity.