Cottage garden meets Zen garden: Inside Austin Gardens Tour 2017

Ever get the hankering to have two different styles of gardens at once? Daphne Jeffers — whose east Austin garden will be on the Inside Austin Gardens Tour this Saturday, May 6 — made it happen, with a flowery cottage garden out front and, in a surprising change of pace, a Zen garden out back.

Along the street, her riotously colorful garden is a gift to the neighbors and to pollinators.

Daylilies add rich color amid purple- and pink-flowering perennials.

A few poppies were still blooming.

I bet there are excellent butterfly- and hummingbird-watching opportunities here.

Head around back via a side-yard gate, and the colors become calmer and a contemplative mood prevails.

What a surprise! Bamboo fencing, an Asian-style shed, and clipped greenery introduce a meditative Japanese-style garden.

A gravel path leads around a small lawn to bermed planting beds with junipers, stones, and dry stream of Mexican beach pebbles.

From a bench tucked in a back corner, you enjoy a small waterfall trickling over limestone rocks into the pebble “pool.”

Native Texas mountain laurel has been carefully pruned for sculptural effect.

I especially admired the effect of the bamboo fencing in enhancing the Zen garden mood.

It appears to be made of rolled bamboo screening laid against a frame of lattice attached to an existing chain-link fence. Wooden framing supports it and gives a finished look.

Near the back porch, a spherical stone basin accepts a trickle of water from a bamboo fountain.

Daphne’s shady back porch, accented with potted succulents…

…is the perfect spot to enjoy the scene, which includes an Asian-style screened structure protecting a collection of bird feeders from squirrels and pigeons. Smaller birds can fit through the screen holes in order to feed.

Up next: Scenes from three more gardens on the tour, ranging from suburban to country farm. For a look back at Shari Bauer’s whimsical found-art garden, click here.

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6 Responses

  1. Gosh, so much already blooming. I love the contrast of the front to the back garden. I bet it feels like you are walking into a different world.

  2. It is quite a contrast…from riot of color, to cool and calm.
    And, Daphne was a delight to talk to.

    • Pam/Digging says:

      I always get so caught up in exploring and photographing a garden that I forget to make time to talk to the gardener — and then I regret it afterward! Darn. But I did enjoy all her work! —Pam

  3. Jean says:

    Whoa, I need to create a squirrel-proof structure like that! Love the contrasting gardens. Both provide something special for the gardener.

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