Refreshed porch pots and tiki hut

Happy Sunday morning! After a week of family illness at Chez Penick, I finally got in some gardening time this weekend. Here are my refreshed containers on the back porch steps. The purple oxalis (Oxalis triangularis) in the turquoise pot gets all the oohs, and no wonder. It’s a beauty. It goes partially dormant in winter but always comes roaring back in spring.

I repotted the Texas license plate planter (purchased from Potted a couple of years ago) with cuttings of the succulent I had in there before. It had gotten leggy and rootbound, and it was time for a refresh. So easy — you just cut off the tops of the succulents, set them somewhere shady and warm for a couple of days to let the cuts harden off, and then replant in cactus mix and top with fine gravel.

I impulsively purchased two dianthus (EverLast series ‘Lavender Lace’ and ‘Light Pink + Eye’) at Shoal Creek Nursery recently, and after dithering about where to plant them, I stuck them both in an empty pot. I’m enjoying the clove-scented bouquet, but I’ve moved them to a sunnier spot so they’ll keep blooming for a while.

If you’re wondering about the tiki hut mentioned in the title, no, it’s not mine. While shopping at Hill Country Water Gardens & Nursery, I couldn’t help admiring their plant-bedecked palapa. How fun! Wouldn’t this be great to lounge under, next to a swimming pool?

That’s all for now. I hope you’re enjoying some garden time this weekend too!

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10 Responses

  1. I learned a new word today – palapa. Of course I have seen these structures before. I just never heard the name of them. It is a structure that screams PARTY.
    Love that oxalis. It looks very pretty in that color of pot.

  2. Love all the pots.
    I may have to borrow the oxalis/turquoise pot idea.

  3. Robin says:

    You’re right about that pot getting all the attention, I’m just about to do the same! It’s a nice combination, the maroon foliage with the turquoise pot. Note to self…

  4. Kris P says:

    I admit I was scratching my head at the mention of a tiki hut, wondering how could I have missed a tiki hut in your garden after reading your blog for years. Maybe a smaller version is needed next to your pool?!

  5. Diana Studer says:

    Have just planted a purple sage in a cobalt blue pot as a focal point outside the kitchen door.

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