James David’s garden will wow at the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling

If any garden bloggers are still on the fence about attending the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling on April 5, this should make up your mind.

We’re pleased to announce that our afternoon tours will conclude with a visit to the world-class garden of James David and Gary Peese, founders of Gardens, a stylish nursery and home-decor shop here in Austin. An internationally acclaimed landscape architect, principal of David/Peese Design, and a discerning plantsman, David will show us around his magnificent, 2-acre garden, which is a regular stop on the Open Days Austin tours and frequently featured in magazines including House & Garden, Metropolitan Home, Garden Design, and House Beautiful.

For a preview, check out my post about the garden from October 2006.

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11 Responses

  1. Wow! What a beautiful garden. I can’t wait to see it close up. The agenda you have lined up is really impressive. I can tell that it will be a memorable day.

    Hi, Carol J. I think so too! I look forward to meeting you on April 5th. —Pam

  2. Frances says:

    This is just icing on the already sweet cake.

    With sprinkles on top. —Pam

  3. Kim says:

    Icing on the cake? More like a turn of the knife for those of us who aren’t able to go! lol.

    You know, I’m going to have to win the lottery between now and then, so I can just load up the boyfriend and the dog and take a nice long road trip. Of course, that means I have to actually start playing the lottery… *grin*

    Oh, no! Well, if you can’t make it, just remember : it’s sure to be blogged about, and that’s the next best thing to being there. —Pam

  4. Carol says:

    Oh, yes, that is going to wow me. That looks like quite a garden. I’m sure with every plant I’ll be saying “will that grow in zone 5?”

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

    One of the things that’s so interesting about James David’s garden is his unusual plant selection. When I toured it in 2006, I kept asking the docents, “What’s this? And where is it from?” There were a lot of plants I didn’t know and that aren’t commonly seen around here, and yet they fit in very naturally with the many natives he also uses, and with the rugged, hillside terrain. —Pam

  5. Fran Sorin says:


    I’ve been following the development of James Davids’s garden (and house) for years. It always amazed me that he was able to create such a Mediterranean masterpiece in the Lone Star state. You are making it awfully tempting for me to hop on a plane and get myself to Texas for this get together!! Fran

    Have you, Fran? Then you really must come to see it in person. Don’t hesitate! ;-) —Pam

  6. Rub it in, why don’t you? ;-) Wish I could come too but no such luck I’m afraid. That garden looks really great! BTW I’ve put the spring fling thingy on my blog too.
    Have a nice weekend!

    Thanks for the support, Yolanda Elizabet! I wish you could come too, not least so the mysterious blogger behind the beautiful garden and all those cats could be revealed. —Pam

  7. Kate says:

    This will be a definite highlight of the fling – I wish, I wish, I wish I could go. True, the second best thing is reading blogs about it, but I’d so much rather be there.

    I did put a badge for the spring fling on my blog.

    I wish you could come too, Kate. We really need a representative garden blogger from Canada, after all. Thanks for the publicity with the badge. —Pam

  8. Phillip says:

    Wow, I love it!

    You’d love it even more in person, Phillip. ;-) —Pam

  9. jodi says:

    Okay, Pam I’m getting serious here…know anyone in the Austin travel/tourism department? I am thinking I should contact them about a fam trip (as we call it in the travel writing trade) to your fair city, and then write about the experiences in the provincial newpaper here in its travel section. Heck, I’ll even start the process of getting a passport!

    Great idea, Jodi! Turn it into not only a family trip (is that what “fam” means?) but a writing assignment too. Definitely get that passport application going; it takes a while to process them here in the States these days, though maybe Canada is faster. I don’t know anyone in the travel/tourism department, but let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help. We’d love to meet you! —Pam

  10. Kylee says:


    Oh, Kylee, we wish you could come. That’s a Charlie Brown-like wail! :-) —Pam

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