Look for me in Rodale’s Organic Life magazine

Organic Life’s “The Water Issue”

Are you a former reader of Organic Gardening? That venerable magazine folded in late 2014, after 7 decades of publication (wow!), and it was relaunched earlier this year, with a broader focus, as Organic Life.

I wasn’t a reader of the former, so I can’t offer any comparisons. But I’m pleased to announce that the new issue (Sept/Oct 2015) includes an article I wrote. Titled “Drought or Deluge,” it’s about a water-saving garden in Austin that was designed to withstand extremes of rainfall — too much and not enough. In other words, typical Texas weather.

How appropriate, right? My head has been deep in the finishing stages of my upcoming book, The Water-Saving Garden (which is available for pre-order, by the way), and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to write more on the subject. (See also my recent article in Wildflower, “Dry & Mighty,” if you missed my post about that one.)

The 6-page article in Organic Life largely consists, I confess, of the beautiful photographs of Austinite Wynn Myers. I’m glad to have gotten to know her work through this assignment. The garden itself was designed by Mark Word, a highly regarded designer I profiled in 2013, and his partner, Billy Spencer, continues to maintain it. Here’s a sneak peek of thumbnail images.

Update: The article is now available for reading online.

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13 Responses

  1. Kris P says:

    I’m pleased to see you getting such great exposure, Pam. Congratulations! I’ll look for the magazine.

  2. I hadn’t heard about the magazine. I did read Organic Gardening when at the library. I am glad you have an article in this new mag.

  3. TexasDeb says:

    Nice! This looks like a truly distinctive garden. Great exposure for you and the Austin gardening scene. Win/Wynn. (Sorry – I could NOT resist)

  4. Looks beautiful, Pam! I like LAWN GONE and look forward to your next book. An important topic for sure!!!

  5. Jerry Ashley says:

    I love the results…practicing the same technique for my zone. I have a ways to go but love the principles you bring to the table.

  6. Oh boy, oh boy. Just preordered the Kindle version of your new book. Can’t wait to read it. It should definitely be a hit in most zones, and especially in Texas and the western states. Congrats on it and your article. Will try to get to read that also.

  7. Marilyn Gist says:

    I look forward to your article, and your book! The photos above are beautiful!

    I subscribed to OG for many years and loved it, but when it became mostly about organic and politics, and not much about gardening, I canceled. Plus, they had an editor with an awesome sense of humor when I liked the magazine, and somehow gardening and humor seemed a good fit to me. Helped me through a rough spot. The new editor was all serious.

  8. rickii says:

    Looks like the magazine pulled out all the stops to give you a luscious spread to showcase your way with words.

  9. Just pre-ordered your new book – can’t wait till Feb!!!!!

    Heath :)

  10. Congrats, and that is a beautiful looking garden.