Lawn Gone needs reader reviews

Hey, friends, if you’ve had a chance to read my new book, Lawn Gone!, and you enjoyed it, I’d really appreciate if you’d take the time to leave a review on Amazon. I just noticed that there are no reader reviews yet. You could be the first one!

And just for fun, here’s my book trailer for anyone who missed it. I hope it entices you to read the book!

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3 Responses

  1. Done – although I was #2 :( heeeee! Sorry I did not think of it before this reminder – I have read it twice already! Loooooove it!

    Heather, you are #1 to me! Thank you so much for the review!! —Pam

  2. Like Heather, I meant to do this after I got into your book, but maybe I’ll wait until I’m finished like others might say? But from the 1st 4 chapters, it looks to only get even better – so well-organized. You should become a writer, not just a professional garden tourer. (!!!)

    Ha! Professional garden tourer—I’m going to add that to my resume, David. Thanks so much for the kind words about the book. I hope you enjoy the rest! —Pam

  3. ricki says:

    Waiting eagerly for my copy to arrive.

    Ricki, I truly hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the support! —Pam