Book trailer for Lawn Gone!

Even books get trailers now, not just movies. So to help publicize my upcoming book, I made this trailer for Lawn Gone! over the weekend and uploaded it to YouTube.

I hope you like it! If you do, please feel free to share it with your friends.

And if you’re curious, I used Animoto to put it together. Animoto is user friendly, with a drop-in format that’s easily manipulated. The downside is that customizing your video exactly the way you want is fairly limited. For example, I couldn’t figure out a way to increase the time any particular slide was shown (hence the too-speedy pace on the final slide in my video). Even with its limitations, however, Animoto proved much easier for a beginner like me than iMovie on my Mac, which I also attempted. The music is from my publisher’s library.

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17 Responses

  1. Were you just giddy with that lawn mower photo op at the Bloedel Reserve? I’d forgotten all about it until now. How funny that was. Nice job on the video and at least with the peppy pace of the music you chose the images don’t seem to be moving too fast.

    My visit to the Bloedel seems so long ago, but yes, I was thinking even then that a lawn-mowing shot would come in handy. And boy, has it! —Pam

  2. I’ve looked at the samples pages on Amazon — this looks like a fantastic book (and the price can’t be beat)! Great job! I look forward to reading it/absorbing the eye candy.

    Thanks, Devon. It’ll be out soon, and I hope you enjoy it! —Pam

  3. Great video despite your disclaimers. I can’t wait to get hold of a copy of the book.

    Thanks, Kris. I can’t wait for my baby to be out there in the world, and in your hands. —Pam

  4. sandy lawrence says:

    The trailer is great! I don’t know how anyone watching it could resist running out to the bookstore, money in hand. My kids are getting your book from me. Congratulations, Pam!

    Your kids obviously have great taste in presents, Sandy. ;-) —Pam

  5. Carolyn in Utah says:

    I watched the trailer and thought, “Wait! The photos are going by too quickly!” but I see it was a frustration for you too, Pam. No matter, I pre-ordered on Amazon months ago– can’t wait to get my hands on it :)

    Thanks, Carolyn. I hope you enjoy the book! —Pam

  6. Jason says:

    Nice! Got me interested!

    Yay, it worked! ;-) —Pam

  7. Greggo says:

    Nice clip!

    Thanks, Greggo! —Pam

  8. peter schaar says:

    My order has been in at B&N for a while. I’d rather get it through them to help keep them in business. I like to hang out there. Looking forward to the book.

    Thank you, Peter. I enjoy Barnes & Noble too, and as you noted, they accept pre-orders. —Pam

  9. Can’t wait to savor each page in the book!

    Aw, thanks, Vicki! :-) —Pam

  10. Bob Pool says:

    That was great and I recognized some of the gardens.

    It’s nice to say “I have a friend that is a writer”.

    Even better is being able to say, “I have a friend who’s a metal craftsman,” Bob. I love what you do. —Pam

  11. Indie says:

    Impressive trailer! The book looks fabulous!

    Thanks, Indie! —Pam

  12. Surprised there wasn’t an Austin-musician song in that trailer, but one can’t have it all when they already have BBQ under the Death Star! To me, the trailer works regardless of Animoto’s quirks. I’ll have to pass it and my advance copy around, to a few museums here dealing in conservation and such books. The intro is even top-flight and fresh!

    That’s high praise coming from the maestro of right-plant-right-place and smart design, David. Thanks! Re: Austin background music, yes, if only….Maybe next time! —Pam

  13. Amy says:

    Congratulations on the book–I’m excited to read it and I’m going to ask our local library to make sure they get a few copies as well. I hope lots of people catch on to the concept. It would make such a difference to water quality in our area if people reduced the size of their lawns and planted buffers to help filter runoff. Nice to see that you’ve included tips on how to deal with neighbors and HOAs–my sister would like to reduce her lawn, but her HOA won’t allow it. I’ll recommend the book to her and maybe she can find a solution.

    Thanks for recommending my book to your sister and to your local library, Amy. I appreciate your support! —Pam

  14. Dee Ann Davis says:

    As a fellow Northwest Austinite I applaud you and all the hard work that went into your new book! I just ordered it on Amazon and know that I will read cover-to-cover the first day! I live on a heavily deer populated acre and very much appreciate your tips on deer resistant plantings. Trial and error!

    I hear you, Dee Ann! Finding deer-resistant plants can be challenging in NW Austin. I’m so glad that my deer-related posts have helped you! —Pam

  15. I’ve had it back ordered for a friend and will eventually get the digital copy. Just put your post up for all my friends.

    The trailer was great and I’m sure the book will be even better.

    Now back to weeding and spreading corn gluten. Hope this works – it’s my first time to try and control sprouting weeds this way.

    Good luck with the corn gluten, Marilyn. And thanks for ordering my book! —Pam

  16. Les says:

    Nice work! Why no appearance by the author?

    BTW, I was at the Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course today and you were mentioned by one of the speakers, Billy Goodnick. He referred to you as a talented landscape designer in Texas, while he showed a picture you took.

    How nice of him! And what a small world, thinking of Billy at a speaking engagement over on the opposite coast.

    As for the trailer, in the 60 seconds I’d planned out, I figured more garden pictures would be what people want to see. And I’m not looking to move into video anytime soon. ;-) —Pam

  17. Mamaholt says:

    WOWOWWOWZAAA!!! That looks WONDERFUL Pam!!!

    LOVE the music and text and everything!!

    Thanks, Mamaholt! I always end up tapping my feet to it. :-) —Pam