Winter has fluttered by

I was photographing the Carolina jessamine this evening, which is in full bloom on my southern fence, when I noticed a swallowtail fluttering about, dipping from one flower to the next.

Early spring visitor. As I drank in the jessamine’s fragrance, the butterfly drank its nectar. Something for everyone!

Today it was about 80 degrees—warm and sunny, quite lovely. But temps like that hold the promise (or threat) of summer’s heat. I’m feeling anxious to get my spring trellis project finished before it gets any warmer. Luckily, I was able to locate a cedar yard in nearby New Braunfels, and I purchased the shaggy cedar posts I needed on Monday. As soon as I get the cattle panel (which I will use as a wire trellis) delivered, I’ll be able to construct my trampoline screen. Sorry, kids, but that view has got to go.

4 Responses

  1. The jessamine looks fantastic in closeup- mine are just starting to open. That was a great catch on the Swallowtail.
    The fence should look wonderful – I’m glad you found a supplier.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    Me too. I had to do a lot of asking around to find a cedar supplier. It seems there’s no one in Austin who sells rough cedar posts. An untapped market! —Pam

  2. My God.

    I gotta get home to Texas somehow.


    C’mon back, Hank! —Pam

  3. r sorrell says:

    I noticed all kinds of new blooms on my jog around the neighborhood yesterday evening. I don’t have a Carolina Jessamine… but they sure do smell good. Maybe that would be another good plant to cover my ugly chain-link fence.

    Oh, yeah. It’s a lovely vine. —Pam

  4. Patrick says:

    Your site makes me so homesick. My fiancee and I have been in Seattle for 10 years and recently agreed to move back in a couple years. I can’t wait to see butterflies again!


    Patrick – I Heart Gardening

    My husband and I nearly moved to Seattle once upon a time. It’s a gorgeous city, and the only thing that kept us from going was the distance from all our family. I’d love to go back for a visit again. But you’re right—when you’re homesick, nothing else will do but to go home again.

    I enjoyed visiting your site. It looks like a good venue for information sharing. —Pam