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I’m very pleased to tell you that I’ve set up an email subscription service for fans of Digging. Previously you could subscribe to my blog via rss feed, and you still can by clicking on the rss button (under “Connect with Me”; the button on the far right) in my sidebar. But not everybody uses a feed reader—or even knows what one is—as several readers have reminded me in recent months. So my tech-savvy husband worked his magic with a few clicks here and there, and voila! Now you can click the “Subscribe via Email” link (under “Connect with Me” in my sidebar) and sign up to get my posts via email. You die-hard Digging readers will never miss a single post!

Meanwhile, in the garden yesterday morning, I spotted this little wren singing his heart out atop the bottle tree. Isn’t he adorable?

Also, today is my daughter’s 13th birthday, and I want to wish my own little Wren, now a teenager, a happy day full of fun, laughter, and cake.

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6 Responses

  1. As I write this a Carolina Wren is visiting the feeder right outside the window. Sweet creatures. They eat a lot of bugs from the garden. Hard workers.

  2. jen says:

    My grandmother’s nickname was Wren, and that was what everyone called her. I love that name!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little Texas Wren! Hope it is everything she wishes for! Pamie G.

  4. Shirley says:

    More ways to get Digging!

    The photo is so cute. Happy Birthday to your Wren!

  5. Alison says:

    Love these photos of the singing wren. He looks so happy! I love wrens, but I seldom see them here.

  6. Mamaholt says:

    Is your daughter’s name Wren?!?!?!! Oh my, I LOVE that name and it was at the top of my baby girl names! Great mama minds think alike.

    Yea for email feeds!

    Wren is her middle name, Mamaholt. I love it too. :-) —Pam