Chirpy succulent dish for Foliage Follow-Up

What’s sweeter than a bluebird of happiness for Foliage Follow-Up?

Join me in posting about your lovely leaves of August for Foliage Follow-Up, a way to remind ourselves of the importance of foliage in the garden. Leave your link to your Foliage Follow-Up post in a comment. I really appreciate it if you’ll also include a link to this post in your own post (sharing link love!). If you can’t post so soon after Bloom Day, no worries. Just leave your link when you get to it.

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15 Responses

  1. Hi Pam: That truly is a sweet little succulent arrangement. I’m planning to add some succulent planters to a tough, dry spot in my garden. Thanks for the inspiration! My link for foliage follow-up is . Thanks for hosting!

  2. Hi Pam. That is a cute way to display succulents. I combined my blooms and foliage in this post as they were both affected by the drought we have been having…hope you enjoy the post!

    Thanks for hosting and have a great rest of the summer!

  3. Just potted up a low bowl full of herbs that are now on close-out sales at local garden centers. Seeing your arrangement, I may have to try that next summer with my big bowl. Loved your dad’s garden in NC! It’s raining here which will give my foliage a nice boost. Now that the weather is improving, I actually planted some shrubs. But I posted older favorites for foliage day!

  4. Outlaw says:

    Hi Pam,

    What an adorable succulent bowl! I love the bird and especially the glass accents. My foliage post is totally random this time.

    Hi, Outlaw. I couldn’t leave a comment on your blog without an account, so here’s what I wanted to say: Great variety and form! I thought at first that you led with the most intriguing foliage, but then the second picture proved me wrong. And they just kept coming. Thanks for a great Foliage Follow-Up post! —Pam

  5. Jeff White says:

    Dear Pam… thanks for the wonderful invention called Foliage Follow-Up. I enjoy everything on your blog, and dream about the succulent and exotic things you grow in the ground that have to stay in pots here in eastern Canada.

    Hi, Jeff! I couldn’t comment on your post without an account (you can enable the Name/URL setting if you want to open it up to non-account holders), so here it is: Wow, that Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’ is simply stunning. How I wish we could grow such lovely chartreuse leaves, but silvery green and blue are more the mode for my hot, dry climate. We always want what we can’t have, right? Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up! —Pam

  6. I’ve always liked your little birdie chip and dip dish garden. Still cute.

    Combining GBBD and Foliage Follow-Up…again. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Hi ya Ms. Pam….I decided to focus on the late comers for my Foliage Follow-up post, the ones I’d given up for dead and then all of a sudden, there they were!

  8. louis says:

    I love your succulent dish!!! thanks for hosting another wonderful foliage follow-up!!!

  9. Sweet succulent bowl, Pam. I’m appreciating my various succulents more and more this summer. Both the pots and the ones in the ground are really showing their charm in the garden. Thanks for hosting Foliage Follow-Up – my leaves couldn’t be more different from your post!

  10. Hoov says:

    Sweet and cute! Perhaps add a touch of yellow and orange (sedum ‘angelina’? ‘coppertone’?) to pick up the yellow and orange in the birdie’s cheeks and breast feathers? Thanks for hosting Foliage Followup!

    What a great idea, Hoov. Sadly, I just can’t keep ‘Angelina’ happy in my garden. It melts away in our summer heat, even in the dappled shade that my other succulents thrive in. The blue-green ones do best for me. BTW, I couldn’t comment on your post without an account, so I’ll post it here instead: Hoov, your abstract, closeup shots are very soothing, a nice approach for a celebration of foliage. I love those rosy berries too! —Pam

  11. ricki says:

    My ex called the other day, wondering how to get started growing succulents…so now we KNOW they are taking over the world. My foliage Follow-up this time is about Pieris:

    Too funny, Ricki! —Pam

  12. Terri says:

    Love succulents etc . Looking forward to seeing more of your garden and comments.

    Thanks, Terri! I’m glad you stopped by. —Pam

  13. Frances says:

    What a sweet combination, Pam. Like a living nest. Here is my foliage follow up post:

    Foliage Day-It’s Everywhere!


    Skimming Blotanical reminded me of your Foliage Follow-Up meme. My August plant was chosen first for the OTT fleshy round succulent leaves making the plant’s common name Pig’s Ears.