Nursery tour: Green ‘n Growing

Austin area gardeners are fortunate to have a number of good independent nurseries, run by people who know our plants and local growing conditions, at which to shop. (Click on Nurseries in my sidebar for more info about and photo tours of those I frequent.) Now I can add Green ‘n Growing nursery in Pflugerville, just north of Austin, to my list.

I don’t know how this family-owned nursery of 36 years (!) escaped my notice for the 17 years I’ve lived in north Austin, but having recently discovered their enticing selection of yuccas, agaves, and succulents, I know I’ll be back. These are the only kinds of plants I consider sticking in the ground at this time of year, but Green ‘n Growing also carries a wide assortment of perennials, annuals, shrubs, and trees, including a lot of natives, plus some interesting tropicals and a whole greenhouse of houseplants.

Operating out of an old blue-green house tucked under sprawling shade trees, Green ‘n Growing has a welcoming vibe.

I was looking for ‘Color Guard’ yuccas and heard they had a few, but it took me a few minutes to get past the succulent table.

And then the owner pointed out this beautiful new red yucca cultivar called ‘Brakelights,’ whose flowers are—wait for it—red! The commonplace red yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora) blooms a shade of coral pink, and there is also a yellow-blooming variety, which can be harder to find. But I’d never seen ‘Brakelights’ and was rather smitten.

‘Brakelights’ red yucca with bulbine

Echinacea ‘Hot Papapya’ was also turning on the heat, color-wise.

For a dose of cool color, I couldn’t help noticing Chinese hat (Holmskioldia tettensis), a tropical from north Africa that plantsman Jimmy Turner reports has survived mild winters in the ground in his Dallas garden. I expect that winters such as we’ve recently had would be too harsh for it, but maybe in a protected location? It’s awfully pretty.

There is plenty of summer color for annual lovers…

…including hanging baskets.

More plant tables and a selection of crepe myrtles in full bloom

Indoor plant tables

Their container and pottery selection is nice, with colorful glazed terracotta (and gargoyles and bunnies) mingling with…

…glazed Vietnamese pots…

…and these fabulous, modern concrete troughs. I wanted one or two of these desperately, imagining them chock-full of succulents, but I just couldn’t think where I’d put one. They’d be perfect for a contemporary patio garden or along a rectangular pond or swimming pool. Snap them up, Austin gardeners. I haven’t seen these at any other nursery in town.

Beautiful, smooth concrete stepping stones. I’d use a stack of these to display a bowl planter or saucer of water for birds.

Green ‘n Growing carries disappearing fountain kits…

…and attractive, faux terracotta rain barrels.

A roadside garden near the parking lot is abloom with tough, heat-loving perennials like flame acanthus and plumbago.

Butterflies were enjoying a patch of Gomphrena ‘Fireworks.’

I’ll definitely be back in the fall—or sooner if I can figure out where to put one of those concrete troughs.

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24 Responses

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    What an inspiring place. I would find it difficult to get past that succulent stand too. I didn’t make it past the Lowes succulent stand. Every year they bring in succulents. Every year I can’t resist a few. It is a good thing that this place is several hundred miles from my home is all I can say.

  2. Jean says:

    Ooh, I like those concrete troughs too. I remember buying my bird bath there many years ago, and it’s still hanging on. I used to go there during my lunch breaks just to get a breath of fresh air!

  3. A nursery that displays pink flamingos and paints their building turquoise gets points in my book.

  4. It would in no way “go” with my garden, but I really want one of those pink flamingoes.

  5. AngryRedhead says:

    What a great lookin’ place! And I’ve even been considering ‘Hot Papaya’. I might have to go there before they sell out. Thanks for this!

  6. Glad you enjoyed it, Pam! I certainly fell in love with the place as well. They told me in the spring they always get in a lot of varieties of clematis vines, and that’s definitely on my list for next year. They certainly do have lots of stock to choose from, don’t they?

  7. Michele Holt says:

    wooo hoo! Looks wonderful! And, oh my, the red yucca!

  8. Eduardo says:

    Great find! Thanks!

  9. Eleanor says:

    Been one of my favorite nurseries for years. They are VERY knowledgeable about their plants. Also a great place to get Christmas gifts (I have a lot of gardener friends).

  10. Lookin’ good and lots of plants which can take the heat. Sounds like a fun shopping day.~~Dee

  11. Cindy, MCOK says:

    That looks like my kind of place, Pam! I haven’t been to Austin in over a year and I must remedy that. I will, however, wait at least until September!

  12. Greggo says:

    my mother would love the flamingos.

  13. Matt in Austin says:

    I can confirm that they occasionally have Color Guard yucca. I purchased mine from there this spring. Still absolutely love it.

  14. Cat says:

    Looks like a nice destination for a field trip! Fun, fun!

  15. Darla says:

    What a great nursery! I’m sure you will be back.

  16. Diana says:

    Isn’t it a wonderful nursery? So many interesting things – and I saw lots of different varieties I hadn’t seen in other places when I went. Your photos really showcase all the cool things about the nursery.

  17. Looks like a fun place!!! I know you’ll find a place for one of those concrete planters :-)

  18. David says:

    Hi Pam,
    That’s my kind of place. My wife is always amazed at how long I can spend at a plant nursery. This one is a great find…everything looks terrific. Great post.
    David :-)/ Tropical Texana

  19. Very impressive! And I loved the color of the building and trim; a combo to copy.

  20. Pam, had to visit again so I could see the pretty pictures…and I got to thinking – perhaps those concrete troughs would work in your front yard around the front door somewhere? As part of your front entrance redesign? Just trying to help you spend your money….

  21. I spy some lovely agaves in that second picture!

  22. From here in the Northeast, this is how I imagine a garden center on another planet would look like.

  23. Cathy says:

    Good thing we don’t live close enough to drop in or I’d be overdrawing our account LOL. I LOVE everything, from the flamingos to the turquoise to just everything!

  24. I’ve loved that place for years! They helped me cut my teeth on native plants and organic techniques. You’ve enticed me to hit ’em up again this fall for fabulosa ideas for my garden, thanks to your vision. I always recommend G&G! They’re camera shy so have only been on CTG a few times, but maybe I can convince them to join us again. We are so very lucky to have nurseries like this.