Fantastic containers & more for Foliage Follow-Up

Stunning containers of striking foliage caught my eye this week while visiting two Austin gardens. Roxanne Yates and her gardening partner Jennifer of Mariposa have an artistic hand and display stunning combos throughout the garden that look great whether in bloom or not.

This looks like some type of euphorbia cascading over the pot’s edge. The advantage to a container planting like this—besides its year-round beauty—is that it won’t be as thirsty as traditional summer annuals.

At Nancy Whitworth’s historical property in south-central Austin I admired this welcoming and colorful container planting—all foliage. I imagine this will really rev up as the heat of summer comes along.

Nancy’s limestone courtyard has a New Orleans-style easy elegance that relies on masses of commonplace, exceptionally hardy foliage plants like fig ivy, liriope, holly fern, and yuccas. A drift of pink-and-white amaryllis shines the brighter for the lush, green surroundings. She told me that James David had a hand in designing this garden a few years ago.

The entrance to Nancy’s property is a restful study in green. Simply beautiful, and no flowers needed.

So what foliage is memorable in your garden or elsewhere this week? Post about it (please include a link to this post, if you would), and leave your link here in the comments so I can find you. I look forward to reading your Foliage Follow-Up leaf love.

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  1. Funny that you did a container post this time as I did too. I guess it is that time of year. One starts to think about one’s containers. Love the shady greens in the last photo. I bet it feels cool there during summer. Happy Foliage Follow Up.

  2. Pam, I love that first container! Any idea what the blue plant is?

    I did my non-bloom post yesterday on the beauty of various bamboo shoots appearing in my garden right now:

    Alan, it’s some sort of succulent, but I’m not great at ID’ing them. Thanks for the link. I’m off to check out your foliage post. —Pam

  3. Rose says:

    Simply beautiful, Pam! I’d love to know what that blue plant is in the first photo, too–that really caught my eye. Right now I’m excited by all the spring bulbs blooming in my garden, but the emerging foliage is a welcome sight after a long winter.

  4. Hi Pam, I have tried to leave a comment twice and am having trouble. Maybe this third time will be the charm. I think it is funny we both wrote about containers this time. I really like that last photo. All the green will be so cooling in summer. Happy FF.

    So sorry about the missing comments, Lisa. My spam filter mistakenly caught them. I restored your first one. Thanks for participating, and for not giving up on the comments! (Darn computer!) —Pam

  5. Andrew says:

    Very nice.

    For me it’s pretty well all about perennials starting to grow this April:

  6. linda scott says:

    This is my favorite rose that I never thought would make it, but it has :):

    Nice flower, Linda, but where’s the foliage? :-) Maybe you meant to post this on Carol’s Bloom Day post? —Pam

  7. linda scott says:

    Woops…sorry. Nevermind…:)

    Don’t be sorry! I’m glad you came by. So (she whispers conspiratorially), ya got any cool leaves to show off? Share with us! —Pam

  8. Hello Pam….that is one happy Euphorbia in the first picture! I posted about a current fav for my foliage follow up….

  9. My first ‘flower’ is a ‘Moroccan rose’ Aeonium. (Ignore the few roses, the post is mostly NOT flowers)

    not from around here

    Wonder if someone will ID that trailing blue plant. A loose trailing variety of Echeveria? If there is such a thing?

  10. Tolly says:

    Ooh! These are gorgeous pictures, Pam. I have to say, when Ross and I visited our soon-to-be new home last week (eep!), I was excited by how green the neighborhood suddenly looked. There’s even ivy on one part of our house … the kind that crawls up a lattice.

    And, thank you so much for the sweet comment on my home post. :) Happy writing, fellow blogger!

  11. linda scott says:…Foliage.

    Yeah, foliage! Thanks for participating, Linda. I tried to leave you a comment but wasn’t able to without a Google account. (FYI, if you care to enable the Name/URL option in the comment field, non-Google folks like me can comment too.) Thanks for stopping by! —Pam

  12. I really like the containers at the top of the post. I am using more and more succulents in my pots instead of annuals. You are right they are much less thirsty and I think if you manage to get the right combination of pot and plant they can look better

  13. Jenny says:

    I need a lesson in pot management. Those selections are stunning. I remember being wowed by Roxanne’s garden on tour last year. I wonder if the selections last all summer because I am tired of the 3 season thing.

  14. That’s a lot of nice looking foliage! Mine is not as fancy. I didn’t read the theme until after I posted. Mine is more about the variety of the foliage that I have right now. I always get carried away and post more photos than needed.

    There’s no theme beyond posting about foliage or other non-flowering plant parts, Sue. I usually pick a theme for my own post, but your post can be about anything you like! —Pam

  15. David says:

    Hi Pam,
    Beautiful post. What a fine set of foliage combos! That first shot is absolutely gorgeous and I wish it were on my front porch! :-)
    Ok, as promised, I’ve posted a focus on fabulous fern foliage here in my Houston garden.
    Thanks for hosting. It’s a perfect 10 weekend weather wise and I’ve got to get back outside. Happy Gardening.

  16. Caroline says:

    My containers aren’t looking so hot these days, but my ‘Ruby Crystals’ grass is rockin’!

  17. Cherry Lane says:

    My second time linking to your foliage theme. Thanks for hosting. Those containers are inspiring.

    Thanks for posting and trying again with the comment, Cherry. I’m having trouble with my spam filter today. Yours is not the only comment it’s mistakenly flagged as spam. So sorry! Thanks for joining in. —Pam

  18. RBell says:

    For Foliage Follow-up, thought I’d focus on one of the more common plants in my garden:

  19. linda scott says:

    Thanks for the tip Pam. I think it’s open to all comments now. I’m new to this..:)

  20. David says:

    Hi Pam,
    I left a comment and link ealier, but I don’t think it loaded. I’m joining in on foliage follow-up this month with my fern collection. David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

    Sorry about your missing comment, David. My spam filter has been haywire today, flagging real comments as spam. I restored your first one. Thanks for joining in! —Pam

  21. ricki says:

    Sorry I’m late, but you know what they say…so… …will take you to my post.
    You are so right…a few flowers amidst the luscious foliage (I’m thinking of those Amaryllis) are stunning.

  22. Becky Lane says:

    I am lovin’ the foliage right now! Here are some of my favorites, plus a few new ones that looked promising: