Lawn Gone! mentions in Woman’s Day and Seattle Times

I’m always excited to see a mention of my book, Lawn Gone!, in a magazine or newspaper article, and this week there are two.

On page 41 of the June 2013 issue of Woman’s Day magazine, you’ll see an article about freshening up your patio garden, which references my advice in Lawn Gone! to cut down on lawn by laying paths through your garden. My photo of Tait Moring’s inspiring patchwork path accompanies the tip.

And in today’s edition of the Seattle Times, in an article titled “Green, green grass of home,” writer Tom Watson reminds us that even in the cool, damp climate of Seattle, homeowners are finding compelling reasons to rip out their lawns. He references Lawn Gone!‘s suggestion to start with the parts of your lawn that get the least use — the parking strip or the whole front yard — and he points out that the book includes regional plant recommendations for the Pacific Northwest from Seattle’s own Christina Salwitz.

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Hungry to lose the lawn? Vegetarian Times buzzes about Lawn Gone!

While flipping through the enticing April/May 2013 issue of Vegetarian Times magazine, which has just hit newsstands, you’ll find that my book, Lawn Gone!, got a whole page of coverage in “The Buzz” on page 16!

Willi Galloway, author of the popular Grow Cook Eat, interviewed me for the piece and effectively summarized key points about how to shrink your lawn. And as she reminds us, “Shrinking the size of your lawn means you get to spend less time mowing and more time outside enjoying your yard, preferably with a refreshing drink in hand.” Amen to that!

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Birds & Blooms loves Lawn Gone!

I’m delighted to see that my book is recommended in the May issue of Birds & Blooms magazine.

They dubbed Lawn Gone! one of their “Books We Love.” Yay! Thanks, Birds & Blooms! I love your magazine too.

Speaking of birds, we’ve had quite the saga with our owl box recently. A squirrel had taken up residence, and we kept meaning to drag the ladder out and send the squirrel packing. Every day the squirrel poked her pointy, little face out of the doorway while I was making lunch, apparently enjoying her stolen digs. Then on Wednesday, I looked up from sandwich making and saw the round eyes and circular shape of a screech owl staring out the doorway. Woot! The owl had obviously taken care of the situation and evicted the squirrel. All well and good.

But that night we had hail, and the next morning our dog, Cosmo, flushed an adolescent squirrel out from under a bush and gave it few good shakes, injuring the squirrel so that it couldn’t walk. Obviously the evicted squirrel had nearly grown kits, and this one lacked the sense to sleep in a tree, or perhaps it took shelter from the hail. We agonized about putting it out of its misery but couldn’t do it. So we put it in an old aquarium with towels to snuggle into and prepared for it to be dead soon. The next day, it looked bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, though it still wasn’t moving around much. I took it to a wildlife rescue facility, just in case it had any broken bones. They gave it a good prognosis, and I went home feeling good about the situation. No more squirrel, and an owl in the box, just as it should be.

The next day I looked out the window and saw a pointy squirrel face looking out of the box again. What?! Are they time-sharing that box, or what?

Lawn Gone! talk and book-signing, TODAY at 10 am
Hey, Texas Hill Country peeps! Please join me today, March 23, at 10 am at Backbone Valley Nursery in Marble Falls for my talk, “Lawn Alternatives for Central Texas” and a Lawn Gone! book-signing. I don’t know about you, but since it’s bluebonnet season, I’m going to take a little wildflower-peeping drive while I’m out there.

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