Digging is up for Better Homes and Gardens Blogger Award!

Better Homes and Gardens magazine has named Digging a top 10 finalist in the Gardening category of its 2015 Blogger Awards, and wow, I’m honored! Thank you to those who nominated my blog, and to BHG’s editors for the recognition!

I love how Better Homes and Gardens supports bloggers by featuring one in each issue of its magazine. It enlarges on that tradition with its 2nd annual Blogger Awards, which recognizes 6 categories of blogs, including one just for garden blogs. Not home and garden. Not lifestyle, fashion, and gardening. Just gardening. We plantaholics, hortheads, and garden-design junkies salute you, BHG!

Voting has already begun and continues for 6 weeks, and of course I’d love to have your vote. Feel free to stuff the ballot box because they tell me there’s no limit to how many times you can vote. VOTE here. Note: you’ll have to skip through the other categories to get to Gardening until the week of Mar 23-Mar 29, when the gardening category will be featured.

I promise not to mention it again until then because I don’t want to be a pest. I did put a badge on my sidebar with a link to the voting page. Just in case, you know, you feel like clicking over there. The winners, who will be announced March 30, will receive $200 and a mention in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

My congratulations to the other garden bloggers also nominated. I know some of them, I look forward to getting to know the others, and I’m honored to be in their company.

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My article about garden art is in Garden Design magazine

Placing art in the garden is, well, an art in itself, as I learned when visiting Bedrock Gardens in New Hampshire this summer. I wrote about the garden and its art for an online piece in Garden Design, called “Placing Art in the Garden”. Whether you’re a confirmed lover of garden art or unsure about it, I hope you’ll check it out. Click here for my article.

Update: If you’d like to see more of this garden, click here for part 1 of my tour of Bedrock Gardens.

By the way, if you don’t already know, Garden Design is back, after going out of business in 2013, with a revamped website and a quarterly “bookazine”-style magazine that’s completely ad-free and subscriber based. A higher subscription price frees the magazine from chasing diminishing advertising dollars and covers four 132-page issues per year. The second issue is coming out soon. I’ve been checking my mailbox every day. If you’re interested you can subscribe here.

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I’m in HGTV Magazine October 2014 issue

While waiting in line at the grocery store checkout this morning, I flipped through the latest issue of HGTV Magazine and was absurdly pleased to see my own name on page 27, in their monthly feature, “How Bad Is It…”

You’re right, it really doesn’t take much to make me happy. Especially when grocery shopping, one of my least favorite household chores. (Laundry is my favorite.)

HGTV writer Jessica Dodell-Feder recently interviewed me to ask, “How bad is it to never rake?” My cheerful advice is that a mulching mower will put your rake out of business — good news for those whose least favorite household chore is raking leaves.

So how about you? Do you rake your leaves in Zen meditation or as an aerobic workout? Or do you enjoy running over them with a mulching mower (preferably electric for less noise and no pollution), shredding them into compost for your soil, zip-zip and you’re done? I prefer the latter — when I have a lawn at all.

I’m off to read the rest of the magazine over lunch. It looks like a good issue, with lots of house makeovers and ideas for using stone in your garden. Luckily it’s too early for any of us to be raking or mower-mulching autumn leaves, right?

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